History of Mini Dental Implants in Norwalk Connecticut

Patients who want to use dental implants may be interested to learn more about the history of mini dental implants in Norwalk, CT. Mini dental implants have been used in Norwalk for many years. People who are looking to improve their smile in the Norwalk area may want to learn more about this process and The Harmony Dental Group can talk through the procedure with them and explain more about the history of mini dental implants in Norwalk, Connecticut.

The history of mini dental implants in Norwalk, CT began with Dr. Victor I. Sendax and his search to find a method that would secure dental prosthetics for his patients for a long time. Dr. Sendax discovered that titanium alloy could be fused to the bones in the draw and that this kept the tooth stable. A method such as this had never been used before in the field of dental prosthetics. The history of mini dental implants in Norwalk, CT took a further step forward with the work of Dr. Ron Bulard. He developed mini dental implants that still retained stability but were much easier to use and a lot less invasive.

Mini dental implants are a very popular choice for dental prosthetics and they are used throughout the world. This is also the case in Norwalk, CT and The Harmony Dental Group is one of the leading dental office in the area that performs this procedure. Improving a patient's smile can have an extremely positive impact on their confidence and on their general feeling of well-being.

Crowns and bridges can now be fixed and secured much more successfully when using this process to apply traditional implants. Mini dental implants improve on this by giving the patient the choice between fixed or removable dentures, or even a mixture of the two. The flexibility that they offer means they are very convenient and are suitable for nearly all patients.

Mini dental implants can be used to restore a single tooth, or to replace a group of missing teeth. The implant is not dependent on the support of other teeth around it because it is secured into the jawbone. This means that the implant can be relied on for long-term use and can ultimately help to improve a patient's oral health.

The Harmony Dental Group, can answer any questions that a patient may have about dental implants. They will also explain the history of dental implants in Norwalk, Connecticut. This consultation should provide a patient with all the information they need to decide whether mini dental implants in Norwalk, CT are right for them. Mini dental implants can dramatically improve a person's smile and life!